Lavender Essential Oil Roll-Ons Handcrafted Aromatherapy Roller Blends Announced

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Online aromatherapy store Loving Essential Oils has recently released a selection of new lavender essential oil roll-on blends that provide therapeutic benefits such as stress relief and improved sleep.

Among the recent additions to the online store’s essential oil blends range is the Stress Relief Essential Oil Roller Blend, which combines lavender and three more essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil in a 10ml roll-on bottle.

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This particular blend from Loving Essential Oils’ latest lavender oil collection has a calming and uplifting aroma, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. The ‘Stress Relief’ blend also balances the sweet, refreshing scent of orange with the exotic and woody notes of ylang-ylang and cedarwood.

Other blends in the essential oil lavender collection include ‘Good Night,’ ‘Tranquility,’ and ‘Dreamy.’ Each one contains different essential oils, such as chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, and jasmine, all selected for their natural healing properties.

To use these essential oil rollerball blends, the user simply needs to roll the blend onto their arms and chest. Loving Essential Oils states that the oils may also be used to target a specific area of concern, for instance, the neck if the user is experiencing tension and stiffness.

Customers can also choose to buy essential oil roll-ons from categories such as Frankincense Blends, Everyday Blends, and $5 Summer Blends. Those interested in learning more about aromatherapy can also access numerous complimentary resources through the site, including lists of DIY ingredients, plus aromatherapy news and FAQs.

The release of the store’s new lavender rollerball blends aligns with the brand’s commitment to helping individuals incorporate aromatherapy into their daily routines with a view to improving their overall wellness.

About Loving Essential Oils

Loving Essential Oils was founded by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane, who has dedicated her life to helping individuals find natural solutions to everyday problems. Her store has established a strong reputation for its professional customer service and all-natural handcrafted blends, as indicated by the numerous positive testimonials.

A satisfied customer who tried the Sleep Essential Oil Roller Blend with Orange, Patchouli, and Lavender said, “Love the smell and it does make me calm before bedtime. I put some behind my ears and on my wrist (side sleeper) and it makes me relax.”

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