BT and ServiceNow Announce New CCaaS Package to Simplify Digital Transformation

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The new service, designed to speed up the adoption of digital technologies by companies, will also help businesses improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

BT, a leading telecommunications provider, has announced a new venture in partnership with ServiceNow, a digital workflow company. The collaboration aims to revolutionise contact centre operations with the launch of a turnkey contact centre as a service (CCaaS) package. This solution integrates digital workflows, global communications, and a cloud-hosted contact centre platform. The announcement came soon after the news of BT’s partnership with Five9 to enable faster cloud adoption by contact centres.

The two companies created this CCaaS package to meet customers’ demand for faster digital transformation. Digitalisation, including the migration of contact centre systems to the cloud, offers enhanced flexibility and responsiveness for both customers and agents. Furthermore, it enables cost reduction, increased productivity, and the introduction of new service innovations and compliance tools.

The package will be delivered and managed by BT and ServiceNow to ensure a seamless customer experience. By combining ServiceNow’s robust Now Platform capabilities with BT’s Global Voice network, customers will have access to a range of integrated tools, including call recording, within a leading CCaaS platform. This integration empowers organisations to create fully digital, communications-enabled workflows without the need for multiple partners.

The success of this innovative approach has already been demonstrated through a deployment with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in collaboration with the United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC). Building on this achievement, BT and ServiceNow are excited to offer the turnkey CCaaS package to organisations worldwide, including domestic business and public sector customers in the UK.

This announcement marks the latest milestone in the ongoing partnership between BT and ServiceNow. First unveiled in 2022, the collaboration has enabled ServiceNow to join forces with BT Group’s Digital unit to modernise service management across the entire organisation. This joint effort is paving the way for BT Group to establish an AI-powered, self-healing digital infrastructure for its business operations.

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Small, director of voice and digital work at BT, highlighted the benefits of integrating communications into workflows and case management, which include, “Simplifying compliance processes, enhancing efficiency, and delivering an improved experience for everyone involved.” He went on to say, “Our new package in partnership with ServiceNow will provide customers with a compelling pathway to cloud migration, unlocking the numerous benefits of digital transformation.”

Chris Bedi, chief digital information officer at ServiceNow, expressed his enthusiasm for the turnkey solution. “As customers increasingly seek turnkey options to eliminate complexity from cloud migration and workflows,” he stated, “the combination of our cloud-based platform with BT’s global network and communication expertise presents a unique opportunity for organisations to digitise and unify their operations, driving smarter and faster outcomes.”

BT and ServiceNow’s turnkey CCaaS package represents a significant leap forward in simplifying and accelerating digital transformation for contact centres worldwide. By combining cutting-edge technology, seamless integration, and industry expertise, this partnership is set to redefine the future of customer service. In the meantime, contact centres would still need the help of testing services from reliable suppliers like Occam to ensure their customers get the best service. However, CCaaS should help clients move forward with cloud migration. That, in turn, should help them deliver better service at a faster rate.