DIY Sewing Designs Guide | Dress Tutorials With Patterns For Beginners Launched

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Sewing Pattern Secrets, a popular DIY sewing platform with designs, guides and courses, has released new patterns as a part of their summer dress collection.

Sewing Pattern Secrets has a new selection of sewing machine patterns called the Buenos Aires dress collection, and it contains several summer dresses that feature simple yet flattering designs that can be sewn by sewists of all experience and expertise levels. Sewing Pattern Secrets is one of the few online sewing platforms that has actually been established by professional seamstresses and they guarantee their members that all of their sewing machine patterns can be completed as instructed, and with ease.

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Sewing Pattern Secrets has launched the Buenos Aires dress collection ahead of summer, and they believe the designs included are suitable for warm days spent near the ocean, lake, river or pool, and even for those more casual summer days at the office.

Like the other 125 sewing designs already live on the membership platform, their new dress collection comes with an easy printable sewing machine pattern plus a step-by-step instruction list that takes sewists through every part of the process. The seamstresses behind Sewing Pattern Secrets are confident that, because they make their patterns so easy to follow, sewists can have more fun with the creative side of sewing, like picking fabrics, prints and styles.

All the dresses in their new Buenos Aires dress collection can be swiftly and simply sized up or down, and can be modified to suit the measurements of each sewist and/or their dress recipient.

To make the process both easier and more enjoyable for their members, Sewing Pattern Secrets also includes online courses that contain easy-to-follow, clear lessons and tutorials that relate to the sewing skills needed to complete the project selected.

A spokesperson for the seamstresses behind the platform said, “​We believe that when instructions are this clear, your project will sew itself. All the pieces just ‘fall’ into place. With our help, you can also take on all of these projects at your own pace, and develop and improve your skills and techniques.”

Sewing Pattern Secrets is a growing online membership database with sewing machine patterns and courses for babies’, children’s, women’s and men’s clothing, as well as for arts and crafts projects. Other summer pieces in Sewing Pattern Secrets’ repertoire of patterns include their women’s blouses and tops and their beach coverups and dusters.

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