Oakbrook Terrace Investment Advisor: Annuities & Tax Optimization Service Update

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Goldstone Financial Group (+1-630-620-9300), a leading financial advisory firm based in Oakbrook Terrace, updated its advisory service for annuities, helping clients optimize their retirement income.

By providing personalized guidance, Goldstone Financial Group enables clients to meet their financial goals and desired lifestyle during retirement. Following the update, the advisors can help clients choose suitable annuities to complement other retirement income sources, including federal benefits, pensions, investments, and personal savings.

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According to a recent Bankrate survey, approximately 55% of Americans admit to falling behind on saving for retirement. Goldstone Financial Group highlights that annuities can play a crucial role in ensuring financial stability during an individual’s golden years.

Annuities offer a guaranteed income stream for life or a specified period, providing retirees with peace of mind and a reliable source of income to cover living expenses. Additionally, annuities often provide tax advantages that contribute to the growth potential of investments. By deferring taxes on contributions to qualified retirement annuities, individuals can maximize their savings and their eventual payout.

With its advisory service, Goldstone Financial Group assists clients in navigating the wide array of annuity options available in the market. By carefully assessing factors such as desired income levels, payment preferences, and income duration, the consultancy ensures clients make informed decisions about which type of annuity to choose.

“We are committed to helping you enjoy your retirement. Through our updated advisory service for annuities, we provide hands-on guidance and in-depth expertise so you can look forward to your golden years. You can rest assured that our team will help you find a package that fits your needs and budget,” says Founder and CEO Anthony Pellegrino​.


Goldstone Financial Group is a reputable financial advisory firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals. With a focus on retirement planning, the firm offers comprehensive solutions that give clients peace of mind. Its expertise includes lifetime income planning, wealth management, healthcare planning, and asset protection.

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