Self-Sufficiency & Wilderness Survival Skills: Homeschool Curriculum Announced

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Running Wild Explorers has announced lesson plans and curriculum options for homeschool families, with a focus on nature studies, self-sufficiency, and wilderness survival skills.

The newly released curriculum is designed for homeschooling families who wish to teach their children practical skills that can be applied in real-world settings. The lesson plans included in the curriculum are formulated to engage children with the outdoors while conveying hands-on knowledge for a wide variety of nature studies.

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With several different bundles on offer, the 2-year series can easily be expanded to a 3-year, and 4-year curriculum plan, RWE curriculum is aimed at children and parents who love outdoor activities and wish to acquire skills that are not often taught through conventional educational settings.

According to a recent poll, more than 50% of young people lack basic life skills that were once common for older generations, such as how to start a fire, tie a survival knot, or navigate without technology. The homeschool curriculum from Running Wild Explorers aims to make sure that children learn fundamental outdoor survival skills. “Running Wild Explorers came out of a desire to mix nature study and survival skills into one curriculum, designed to engage children in the great outdoors. Students will learn about the nature around them and develop the lost art of survival skills,” says a company spokesperson.

The curriculum is divided into quarterly seasonal parts, with an emphasis on teaching survival skills that are applicable to spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season can be purchased separately and bundles are also available. A sample lesson plan can be downloaded without charge here:

Each RWE season contains a variety of content and experiences, including nature jokes and interesting facts, hands-on experiments with common household materials, hand-made crafts, and access to additional information, including videos and websites relevant for each lesson. All this variety comes without any need to piece together random online searches to stimulate the learning environment.

The quarterly segments of the curriculum are comprehensive and require no additional materials, offering an accessible and user friendly experience for homeschooling parents and students.

The RWE website features numerous reviews from satisfied clients. Ada L. says, “Running Wild Explorers has been an amazing investment of time for my family. The organized schedules keep us right on track, and make the outside activities intentional and meaningful!”

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