Residential Gas Strut Window, Extra Outdoor Bar Space Countertop Mount Launched

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New York-based custom window manufacturers OpenUp Windows have a new model of their residential gas strut window that they are ready to ship to homes across the US.

The prestige window makers have been crafting high-quality and luxury windows for almost four decades and have now made more improvements to their popular gas strut pass-through countertop mounted window. This gas strut flip-out design allows the window to hold itself open at a 90-degree angle and has been crafted to create both extra indoor kitchen space and extra outdoor space.

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The latest model has been released in time for summer, which OpenUp Windows knows is also outdoor bar season. As Americans open up their homes and spend more time outside enjoying their outdoor bars, gardens, BBQ areas, pools, and more, they recommend one of their windows to create a more open flow between a home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

With their practical gas strut design and custom window crafting experience, OpenUp Windows can engineer a window that meets a homeowner’s precise measurements and that can be mounted above an existing countertop without any need to alter the countertop or create a break in its surface.

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Due to their unique flip-out design, their windows can be made to replace an existing awning or double-hung window and offer homeowners full visibility from a kitchen to a home’s outdoor areas, better party serving and a much more integrated feeling between the outdoors and indoors.

As OpenUp Windows has been working exclusively on windows for almost 40 years, their gas strut pass-through window also boasts other practical features like an easy single handle locking system and an optional built-in insect screen.

OpenUp Windows has a boutique factory in New York where they craft their windows by both machine and hand. They typically delivery their windows to homes across the continental USA within 4-6 weeks.

A spokesperson for the bespoke and custom window manufacturers said, “OpenUp’s gas strut pass-through awning windows integrate the indoors and outdoors—for any home. OpenUp Windows is proud to be creating an opportunity for both spectacular views and more connection and socialization for your active family.”

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