Multimedia Branding For Optometrists Launched By Oraserrata Eyecare Media

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Oraserrata Eyecare Media has launched a multimedia branding service for ophthalmology and optometry practices, offering enhanced online visibility.

Oraserrata Eyecare Media announced a new branding and marketing solution that allows ophthalmology and optometry practices to improve online visibility. Billed as a premium service, the latest content campaigns are now available to clients in the US and Canada.

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The agency’s new service includes marketing materials crafted by a team of professional writers, who can develop each campaign with a focus on specific services and/or locations.

The announcement comes in light of the growing trend toward digital consumerism. Oraserrata Eyecare Media cites a 2019 study by GE Capital Retail Bank, which indicated that over 80% of buyers conduct research online before making a purchase. The firm states that the pandemic served to accentuate those habits, and that eye care providers should be ready to adapt.

With the new marketing solutions designed for the eyecare industry, Oraserrata Eyecare Media aims to further increase the digital footprint of local ophthalmology and optometry practices. The agency explains that search engines now use localization technology to improve search results in a specific area, and its new service is designed with this in mind.

Oraserrata Eyecare Media works with practices to determine the focus of each campaign. However, the firm states that its multimedia marketing services do not require significant time or effort on behalf of clients. By utilizing professional writers, the agency aims to provide a more complete solution, while also improving brand reputation.

With the latest announcement, Oraserrata Eyecare Media is helping small businesses compete in the online space. Following initial trials, the agency states that its premium solutions have resulted in a twofold improvement in visibility and exposure.

Oraserrata Eyecare Media states: “Our team consists of writers, developers and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients and customers in a variety of industries. We help eyecare providers to reach more patients by crafting meaningful, hyper-local ads and media coverage.”

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