SaaS PPC Agency: Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management For Tech Companies Announced

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Behind the Work (312-757-5555), a leading digital marketing agency in Wilmette, Illinois, has announced a new service update offering pay-per-click (PPC) management packages for SaaS companies.

Through the service update, Behind the Work serves as an extension of the in-house team for SaaS companies, providing tailored services that meet clients’ paid advertising needs. Clients benefit from the hands-off approach, with the agency handling the most time-consuming aspects of running paid advertisements, thereby reducing clients’ work time and improving efficiency.

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The agency’s PPC management service encompasses all aspects of the campaign, from account setup and management to budget allocation, keyword research, and ongoing performance monitoring and optimization. By working with Behind the Work, SaaS companies leverage the expertise of a blended team of sales, marketing, and design professionals to maximize their ROI, drive more quality leads, and extend their reach.

Behind the Work’s new service utilizes the latest cutting-edge digital advertisement technologies to get clients in front of their ideal audiences. These hyper-targeted campaigns are based on sets of relevant customer behavior criteria the business wants to target, such as specific demographics, localities, and search phrases used by the prospects.

The agency’s multi-faceted, omnichannel approach allows clients’ ads to appear in search, social media, and third-party websites, targeting each stage of the sales cycle, including brand awareness, lead nurturing, and ultimately conversion.

A crucial component of the agency’s strategy involves creating retargeting campaigns intended to help clients re-engage with leads who previously visited their website but couldn’t convert. Its PPC solution also features other types of advertisements, like in-stream advertising for YouTube and other video-based platforms and Gmail-sponsored ads.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Behind the Work offers a range of other proven inbound lead generation solutions, such as content marketing, videography, and SEO, to help SaaS companies attract, retain, and convert prospects into customers.

Behind the Work is a certified Google partner with over two decades of experience helping B2B SaaS companies achieve business objectives via effective digital paid advertising strategies.

A spokesperson said, “As a tech company, your #1 goal is to develop and ship products and services that change the world. At Behind the Work, we take care of the marketing for you. First, we look at and fully understand your business from the inside out. Then we will strategize the best ways to connect you with your audience.”

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