Selling Your House In Ratoath Offering a sale rate of 0.7% Fumbally Property

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Fumbally Property Services is celebrating the launch of their new Property Sales service in the Ratoath, County Meath Ireland area by Offering a reduced property sale rate of 0

In a slightly different approach to launching its new Property Sales service, Fumbally Property Services, an Estate agency in Ratoath, County Meath Ireland has decided it will offer a reduced property sale rate of 0.7%, and this is expected to take place Wednesday 21 June 2023.

Where most businesses tend to just offer free valuations and then charge sales commission rates of between 1 and 1.5%, Fumbally Property Services has been a little more generous, by offering a 0.7% sales commission on all properties they sell in Ratoath in County Meath, as well as offering free property valuations with the start of its new Property Sales service.

Richard Carter , Managing Director at Fumbally Property Services, says: “We wanted to be generous, by offering a 0.7% sales commission on all properties they sell in Ratoath in County Meath, as well as offering free property valuations with the launch of our new property sales service, because we believe in putting more money back in the pocket of the vendors, our clients, considering it has probably been the biggest investment most of them will ever make, and we wanted to reward them for that.

It should be really worthwhile, and we’re hoping that this great offer will encourage people in Ratoath to select Fumbally Property Services as their chosen estate agents when they decide to sell their homes or investment properties.. It should go great unless some people might needlessly pay more than they need to, to other less generous estate agents.!”

Fumbally Property Services has always made a point of standing out when compared to other estate agencies in the Ratoath, County Meath Ireland area. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways it does so.

This is a great chance for Ratoath residents to celebrate the fact that clients will get more of the realised sales price back into their own pockets. And support a local estate agency run by a family of professional property specialists who have lived all their lives in County Meath, and have a lifetime of property selling experience.

Fumbally Property Services has been serving the Ratoath, County Meath, Ireland, area since 2023. To date, it has served many new customers and has become recognised as one of the most popular in the area. It can be found on Ballinlough, Dunshaughlin, County Meath near the filling station on the old N3, just outside Dunshaughlin.

Richard Carter also said: “While Fumbally Property Services may not be the only business with this kind of offering, local residents are choosing Fumbally Property Services because there are many reasons why people should choose Fumbally Property Services to sell their properties. First, Fumbally Property Services is a family-owned, community-oriented business that has deep roots in Dunshaughlin and the surrounding areas. This means that they have an in-depth understanding of the local property market and can provide personalized and unparalleled services..”

When asked about the new property sales service, Richard Carter said: people have indicated that it is a really good offer and it’s going to be a hit because people are fed up paying unnecessarily high prices for services relating to property sales.

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