Gamified Learning Experience Creator, Experiential Marketing Services Announced

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An experiential marketing agency is building gamified learning experiences for forward-thinking organizations seeking new ways to engage audiences.

Sequel MV has announced that it is now capable of designing custom gamified learning experiences for companies looking for novel ways to engage customers and staff members. This offering builds upon the agency’s vast experience in creating innovative marketing campaigns using creative strategy and innovations in virtual reality technology.

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With this service, Sequel MV is able to integrate game elements and mechanics into educational or training campaigns and programs, with the goal of enhancing engagement and outcomes.

“The experiences we create make learning more interactive, enjoyable, and immersive,” the company’s spokesperson said. “By incorporating elements such as competition, rewards, progression systems, and feedback loops commonly found in games, intended audiences are given more motivation to take part and learn, as the entire exercise becomes more enjoyable.”

They added that these experiences are ideal for companies who wish to enhance internal training and team-building activities. Gamified learning experience campaigns can also be used to improve participation in the classroom, as evidenced by the success of Khan Academy, with its gamified approach to learning.

Depending on the needs of the organization, Sequel MV can add a number of elements to the experience. For instance, it can build experiences that reward participants with badges and points or incorporate multiplayer features that encourage collaboration and healthy competition.

Business Research Insights in 2022 said that it expects the experiential marketing segment to exhibit a CAGR of 3.16% between 2021 and 2028, attributing its growth to a number of factors, including the demand for experiential methods in brand storytelling.

Sequel MV’s full suite of marketing solutions includes content strategy, branding, and visual content production, which includes both photography and video production. It managed to set itself apart by offering experiential marketing services involving augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

Its services have been employed by a number of big brands, including Firestone, Holcim, Bridgestone, Integrity Music, and more.

Recently, it took on the role of strategic content partner for Terminix, where it designed a virtual training experience for the company’s employees.

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