Goldstone Financial Group Announces Annuity Advice For Forest Hills Retirees

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Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) announces annuity consulting services for retirees in Forest Hills, IL.

Following the announcement, Goldstone Financial Group offers a timely solution for Americans who are feeling the effects of an uncertain economic climate. With many families unable to save as much money as they would like due to the rising cost of living, the country’s working population faces the prospect of a late retirement to meet their financial targets. As such, the team helps its clients stay on track with their planning for life after employment.

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As part of its recently announced service, Goldstone Financial Group helps clients identify the most suitable annuity policies. The consultancy’s experts are all fiduciary financial advisors, which means they are legally obligated to advise in the interests of clients.

In the US, annuities take the form of long-term contracts from insurance companies, with savings invested and then returned to the account holder in the form of regular payments – acting as a replacement income after one retires. The Goldstone team can advise clients on which type of annuity is right for them, namely fixed, variable, or indexed, each having its advantages and disadvantages depending on an individual’s unique financial circumstances. The advisors help clients navigate the many variables of annuity contracts, simplifying the complex jargon and presenting clear, well-explained options.

Taking a holistic view of retirement planning, Goldstone Financial Group also assists clients with integrating every facet of their savings, social security benefits, and tax-deferral allowances, to create a package that will deliver the kind of retirement they want.

Other aspects of the Goldstone approach include helping clients plan for things like end-of-life care and unexpected medical costs while also ensuring that one’s family will be looked after they have gone.

With so many Americans falling behind on their retirement planning, Goldstone believes its expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of investments can help them take bolder steps to get their retirement pot back on track.

Anthony Pellegrino​, founder and CEO, says, “We’ll help you explore the importance of retirement income planning, the benefits of guaranteed income, and how working with a financial professional can help you achieve your financial goals.”

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