Chaplaincy Training For Holistic Education In High School, New Program Launched

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The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) has now opened admissions for their 2023/24 chaplaincy training to interested candidates who want to take their one-year program.

Individuals who complete this year’s chaplaincy training program will receive an official ordination and certification as a school chaplain issued by the National School Chaplain Association, who are recognized as the nationwide association for chaplains in the United States. The nationwide chaplaincy school recommends the 2023/24 program of their accredited course to any individual who wants to be part of holistic education in high schools across the country.

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The nationwide chaplaincy institute also suggests that—given the current demand for school chaplains—all successful candidates should expect to gain meaningful full-time chaplaincy work in the 2024/25 school year following their graduation.

The National School Chaplain Association believes that chaplains are an increasingly necessary part of any high school, and legislature around the country agrees; especially in states like Texas and Florida. As the chaplaincy institute explains, school chaplains can help to fight against the mental health epidemic that is facing American schools and high school students in particular.

The National School Chaplain Association also sees chaplaincy as a way to make schools safer and believes that holistic education and spiritual guidance can lead young people away from behaviors that harm both themselves and others.

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The National School Chaplain Association’s 2023/24 chaplaincy training program is available to anyone with a high school education. Current teachers and ministers who wish to retrain or up-skill are also welcome.

The National School Chaplain Association modifies their curriculum annually to prepare their chaplains for the issues they believe they will see in high schools, and to give their pupils the tools they will need to become uplifting, wise, and spiritually attuned counselors for America’s teens.

A spokesperson for the nationwide chaplain school said, “Chaplains certified by the National School Chaplain Association serve people of diverse religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical backgrounds. Readied with a Biblical perspective, chaplains build community by inviting students into the fullness of life. Gender confusion, loss of purpose, and hopelessness have resulted in record-level dropout rates and an epidemic of mental illness among young people. In a historical era of conflict, discord, and loneliness—the role of chaplain has never been more critical.”

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