Cash Purchase Program For Vacant North Carolina Property Announced By Land Avion

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Private land acquisition firm Land Avion announces an expansion its long-running cash purchase program, making it available available to owners of unwanted parcels of vacant property in North Carolina, South Carolina, and several other regions.

Owners of unwanted land parcels in North and South Carolina now have access to Land Avion’s well-established cash purchase program. As part of the recently expanded service, the firm makes all-inclusive cash offers for all types of vacant property, including rural, forestry, and commercial- or residential-use lots.

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Submissions can now be made via the Land Avion website, with offers being returned after due diligence has been carried out, often in as little as 24 hours. The move follows the successful introduction in several other states, such as Florida and Texas, where the program has been popular among those who own land in rural and/or undeveloped areas.

Land Avion explains that land in remote or less populated areas often takes significantly longer to sell, and the firm’s service offers a new option for those who wish to sell in a short timeframe. The firm states that, on acceptance of an offer, closure can occur within 30 days.

The company also points out that its program is designed to ensure fair and transparent pricing, a factor that is often a concern for those who want to sell quickly. Land Avion researches county data, recent sales data, and comparable properties prior to making an offer, with the goal of aligning all quotations with current market values.

In addition to a faster sales process, Land Avion’s expanded process offers an all-inclusive price, without any associated commissions. The company explains that realtors rely on a percentage of property sales as part of their business model, which can reduce the final amount that landowners receive. Such commissions do not form part of Land Avion’s business model and are therefore not required.

The firm also states that it can purchase property in any condition, and offers can be made regardless of landowners’ financial situation. As a result, sellers who are behind on payments, own liens, or going through a divorce are also able to access the service.

While Land Avion’s cash purchase program has only recently been introduced in several regions, the firm has been in operation since the 1990s. Based in New Mexico, the founders have refined their processes over many years, and they attribute the continued success of the service to fairness and efficiency.

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