Bronx Guide To Reduce Moving Costs: Self-Service, Supplies Expert Tips Released

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A new guide from is helping Bronx residents reduce moving costs.

From moving truck rentals to moving insurance, local and long-distance relocations on average cost $1,710 and $4,837, respectively. Moving costs are increasing year over year, with some states and metro areas reporting a 40% yearly increase for local moves. As such, many home movers are looking to reduce moving expenses – and has identified the six best ways to do so.

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Titled “6 Big Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move”, the new guide starts by suggesting that home movers find free packing supplies. For instance, moving boxes can often be found at grocery stores, large retailers, or at one’s place of work, while old sheets and blankets can be used in place of professional protective padding.

Other cost-reduction ideas featured in the article include DIY, self-service moves, and moving in the off-season. The DIY approach can range from doing most of the packing and prep to completing the entire move. recommends asking friends and family for help and using affordable truck rental services such as Budget and U-Haul.

A combination of DIY and professional moving, the self-service option involves transportation from professional packing pods or freight services companies with the latter recommended as an affordable option for cross-country moves.

Moving in the off-season has long been the number one way to reduce moving costs; rates are generally lower between September and June for anything from truck rentals to professional moving services.

“Whether you do a full DIY move or hire professionals, there is always room to save some money,” writes Myles Compton, author of the guide. “If you’re able to plan ahead, get good quotes, and move fewer things, then moving day doesn’t have to be too expensive.”

With a network of over 700 movers, lists licensed and insured moving companies for all types of relocations, including movers for apartments with no elevators.

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