AI Content Masters: Human Editors For Content Marketing & AI Blog Optimization

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Kaperider announces its AI-generated content editing services, designed to optimize content for better prospect engagement and sales conversion.

Daniel Stouffer, owner of Kaperider and lead copywriter, introduces his AI Content Master service as a cost-effective solution for better inbound marketing and blog management. He explains that despite the rise of AI-generated content, businesses still need the “human touch” to deliver compelling content that converts.

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Available for a flat hourly fee, Kaperider’s new service includes market research and keyword analysis; content marketing strategy development; and content creation, editing, and publishing.

Stouffer explains that there is a new niche in the content writing industry; AI content masters who use AI-powered language processing tools and then edit the content to create personalized and humanized copy specific to their clients. It’s a hybrid solution that blends the efficiency of technology with the creativity of human intelligence.

Kaperider’s AI Content Master service is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses improve their inbound marketing strategies through cost-effective and high-quality website and marketing copy. In particular, Stouffer and his team specialize in delivering high-converting human-quality content that is tailored to the client’s ideal customer persona.

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Upon researching the client company’s target audience, their specific needs, and the keywords they would be looking for in a search engine, Kaperider will ensure that the content created is in line with the client’s inbound marketing strategy and objectives. For the content creation process, Kaperider will suggest and use AI tools to produce quality SEO-friendly content which is then polished by human editors.

Stouffer says, “I’ll take a strategic look at your digital strategy, content creation, messaging, and publishing machine so that your company becomes much more than words on a page. You’ll become the trusted authority and go-to source for expertise, services, or products.”

Business owners can join the waitlist for the AI Content Master service on Kaperider’s website.

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