Manhattan Ozone IV Therapy For Increased Oxygen Levels, Treatment Announced

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Patients Medical ((212) 794-8800), a functional medicine center in Manhattan, has announced its new ozone therapy treatments which can increase oxygen levels in the body.

The holistic practice now offers ozone IV therapy which is believed to increase oxygen metabolism and have other positive effects. The therapy involves the injection of ozone into the patient’s bloodstream through an IV line.

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While Ozone has long been used in the medical community topically for wound healing, the practice’s newly announced treatment offers intravenous administration of this substance which has proven anti-inflammatory and hemodynamic properties. As explained in a study published by NIH, when ozone comes into contact with bodily fluids, the body reacts by creating more proteins and red blood cells which increases the body’s tissue oxygen supply.

Proponents of Ozone IV therapy claim it can not only increase oxygen metabolism but also increase antioxidant capacity, stimulate the immune system, and deactivate viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. In a 2018 study, ozone’s oxygen-boosting properties were also shown to help repair musculoskeletal tissues and decrease inflammation in the joints.

At Patients Medical, the process of receiving ozone therapy is similar to that of a vitamin IV drip. Sessions usually occur 1-3 times per week for up to 20 sessions. Patients interested in ozone therapy can schedule a consultation at the clinic where a physician will assess their symptoms, underlying conditions, and medical history with them to determine the appropriate amount of sessions.

About Patients Medical

Founded in Manhattan in 1974, Patients Medical has developed unique, holistic treatment protocols for a wide range of chronic medical conditions. The practice also offers various wellness education programs that include original newsletters, classes, seminars, webinars, and nutritional phone consultations.

“Ozone therapy should only be performed by qualified healthcare professionals with appropriate safety measures in place,” said one spokesperson for the practice. “It is important to discuss the potential benefits and risks with a healthcare provider before considering ozone therapy for any condition. On your first visit, your physician will need to assess your health needs in a variety of ways in order to determine the nature of your illness and the best way to go about treating your problem.”

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