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The all-in-one fashion networking platform, Fashion Index, has expanded to offer athleisure apparel brands the option to search for and connect with sublimation printing facilities.

With this new expansion, the platform anticipates that more athleisure apparel brands will utilize its no-cost, searchable database to find and connect with sublimation printers to create their clothing lines. The Fashion Index platform hosts descriptive business profiles for companies with various areas of expertise, aesthetics, and production volumes.

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The announcement gives brands in the growing athleisure apparel market an opportunity to more easily partner with the most compatible sublimation printer for their style, budget, and production goals. Users can narrow their search with multiple filters, including sustainability, free trade, production volume, location, years in business, and others.

In sublimation printing the ink essentially becomes part of the fabric, so the design will last as long as the garment does. In order to achieve vibrant colors the fabric needs to be 100% polyester. This technique allows the garments to maintain a higher level of softness and flexibility than other printing techniques, making it particularly useful for athleisure apparel.

On Fashion Index, entrepreneurs of athleisure apparel brands can read the detailed business overviews for sublimation printers, learn about their areas of expertise, and contact them directly through the platform. Fashion brands can specifically search for facilities and suppliers that cater to their niche and target market.

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