Problem Statement Identification Fundamentals Course For Entrepreneurs Launched

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Internet marketing specialist Macadamia Solutions recently launched its new course entitled “Problem Perspectives: Solve Your Best Problem”.

Macadamia Solutions’ new digital course shows participants how to develop and refine problem statements. The course is taught by Dr. Steven Wright, an engineer, lawyer, professor, and entrepreneur whose focus is on mentoring, teaching, and research and development.

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According to Macadamia Solutions, problems are the discrepancy between the current state and some desired future state. Whether a researcher, business professional, entrepreneur, or product developer, identifying problems is critical to success. But in order to identify problems, it often requires a shift in perspective and some creative outside-of-the-box thinking.

“Problem Perspectives: Solve Your Best Problem” teaches participants a systematic approach to problem identification and solving. The course starts by helping participants draft their problem statement. A problem statement is a concise description, usually written or typed for posterity, of the issue or challenge that an individual or group faces, and the steps to be taken in order to solve it.

Participants then learn how to refine their problem statement by using perspective positioning. Perspective positioning is a technique used to ensure that the problem is being looked at from all angles. It involves analyzing the problem from geographical, temporal, and professional perspectives in order to verify that the problem chosen is indeed the right one and that the solutions generated are appropriate.

The course includes a 1-hour on-demand video as well as 9 downloadable resources. It can be accessed through mobile devices, computers, and TVs. Once purchased, participants gain full lifetime access.

Founder and CEO of Macadamia Solutions, Dr. Steven Wright, teaches the course. He has an MBA, Ph.D., and J.D., as well as a wealth of successful international experience negotiating agreements that enable new ecosystems within the information technology industry.

About Macadamia Solutions

Macadamia Solutions provides Internet marketing solutions that increase the visibility of local services. In addition to the Problem Perspectives course, they also offer an online training course teaching some of the steps business owners can take to improve visibility.

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