Things That Are Only Said and Done in Australia

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( — June 23, 2023) — Australia is known for its unique wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse and vibrant cultures. The country offers much more beyond its iconic landmarks and friendly inhabitants. It possesses unique concepts, such as distinct customs, phrases, and traditions, that set it apart from the rest of the world. 

Australians are also friendly, full of humor, and known for their laid-back nature. In this article, we shall explore Australia’s diversity, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich and fascinating heritage.

Diverse Sports Activities

One unique aspect of the Southern Continent is its engagement in various sports. To the surprise of many Aussies, some of these sports are alien in other nations. These games fill up stadiums, making them worth mentioning. 

Certain games are a combination of major sports like Rugby and football. Meanwhile, some are just adaptations of popular versions, only incorporating rule changes. They include the following: 

  • AFL (Australian Rules Football): AFL is only popular in Australia and involves fast-paced action and physicality. The sports season is captivating, with passionate fans supporting their favorite teams, just as in bigger leagues like the EPL.
  • NRL (National Rugby League): The NRL is a replica of Rugby involving tactical and physical contests for possession. The rules make it more interesting, with the latter limited if a team goes scoreless after several phases. 
  • Cricket: Don’t be mistaken; this sport is also common in other parts of the world. However, it is a summer tradition in Australia, bringing communities together during test matches, one-day internationals, and the inaugural Ashes series against England.

Betting Popularity

With various unique sports in the country, it’s only automatic for wagering to be common. The relevant entities have done a good job regulating platforms to ensure a safe environment for everyone. 

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Wildlife Presence, Popularity, and Encounters

Encounters with wildlife are pretty normal in Australia. The population in some regions shares their areas of residence with different species. Depending on your love for wild animals, this factor is unique and exhilarating to different people. 

Additionally, the country is the home to specific animals, which include the following:

  • Kangaroos
  • Koalas
  • Platypuses
  • Wombats 

The country’s Kangaroos are especially unique, with different concepts utilizing them mainly as a trademark and symbol. For example, the national Rugby 7s and 15s teams have them as logos and name aliases. 

You’ll easily spot a kangaroo hopping across a public place or witness a koala lazily dozing in a random eucalyptus tree. Most importantly, the nation deeply respects its native animals, and conservation efforts play a vital role in preserving these extraordinary creatures.

Unique Slang

The Australian slang is renowned for its uniqueness, which can baffle outsiders. Aussies have special terminologies, rarely used outside the country. Here are some of the words frequently used by Australians in everyday conversation:

  • ‘Barbie’ (barbecue)
  • ‘Arvo’ (afternoon)
  • ‘Brekkie’ (breakfast) 

Australian language speakers also love creating fascinating nicknames, including ‘mozzie’ for mosquito or ‘sanga’ for a sandwich. Nonetheless, this use of slang adds a playful touch to communication and fosters a sense of bond among Australians.

Additional Special Aussie Slang

No conversation with an Australian would be complete without mentioning its famous greeting, ‘G’day, mate.’ Using this informal salutation in formal and informal settings is an endearing habit. 

The slang reflects their laid-back and the country’s relaxed nature. Whether you’re entering a store, chatting with a stranger, or simply passing by, expect to hear this friendly greeting, often accompanied by a warm smile.

Another unique phrase is ‘Thong,’  which is unlike in most countries, associating thongs with skimpy underwear. The Australian version refers to a specific type of footwear (flip-flops). The footwear is worn for comfort and convenience in the warm climate and is integral to Australian casual attire. 

BBQs and Outdoor Lifestyle

Australians love outdoor activities, and one of their pastimes is backyard barbeque or ‘barbie.’ Aussies take their barbecues seriously, with weekends often dedicated to gathering friends and family for a relaxed outdoor feast. 

You should be prepared for mouth-watering delicacies like sausages, lamb chops, and many sweet side dishes. The combination of good food, company, and beautiful weather is a recipe for the cherished Australian lifestyle.


There you have it on the special things that happen, are done, and only said in Australia. The activities mentioned are safe for everyone, with the slang needing time for newbies to get used to. Overall, any day is good in the southern continent/country.