Somerset, NJ Pentecostal Ministry For Faith-Based Education Service Announced

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Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc., an Apostolic Pentecostal faith center based in Somerset, NJ (888-210-5850), announces educational services for young learners incorporating a faith-based curriculum and personalized instruction.

The Ministry’s recently announced curriculum aims to impart Biblical principles to the young faithful, such as the value of repentance and humility, strong family values, and charity through community service. These teachings are embedded within an educational framework focused on holistic, student-centered instruction that encourages young learners to become effective communicators, faith advocates, and community leaders.

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The Ministry’s educational programs have been now extended with an eye to recent turbulence within the Christian faith in the US, especially over the last three years. More specifically, the Ministry has noticed the decline of the boomer population within the Church, a demographic that has formed the heart of the Christian faith for decades.

This decline indicates the need for fresh, young advocates within the Apostolic Pentecostal faith – and within the Christian faith at large – who will bring the invigorating spirit of youth to traditional Biblical principles. It is with this need in mind that Premier Family Life Ministry International has continued to refine its faith-based, student-centered educational programs.

In addition to the principles of the Apostolic Pentecostal faith, the Ministry also embraces multicultural education as a means of creating equal educational opportunities for all learners. The Ministry believes multicultural education can also help strengthen students’ faith because it teaches them to appreciate the diverse cultures and groups within their society as equal members of God’s creation.

About Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc.

Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. is a team of Pentecostal advocates and educators on a mission to promote family-centered education and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in the classroom and in the world at large. Their team of professional educators is committed to delivering Biblically-based instruction, incorporating Apostolic Pentecostal principles into their curriculum, and providing spirit-filled teaching to inspire and motivate students.

“We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, values community outreach, and fosters strong family values,” a Ministry representative explained. “We are dedicated to providing personalized instruction, promoting holistic learning, and empowering our students to become effective community communicators and leaders.”

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