Right-Wing Yahoo Alternative Search Engine With Viewpoint Tuner Announced

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TUSK, the company behind the innovative censorship-free TUSK Browser, recently launched TUSK Search, a Right-leaning alternative to search engines like Yahoo and Google.

TUSK’s new search engine TUSK Search allows users to access the information they want without being impeded by censors and moderators. The search engine is intended to be a counterpoint to mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of Right-wing media.

More details can be found at https://tuskbrowser.com/search

American concerns surrounding media bias have increased significantly over the last decade: a recent poll found that almost 50% of residents think the media is biased, with an additional 70% believing that the media pushes an agenda. With the launch of TUSK Search, TUSK is trying to restore some honesty, transparency, and integrity to the fragmented media and content landscape.

TUSK Search is the first search engine to allow users to filter search results based on their own values rather than the values of the company behind the search engine – it utilizes an innovative Viewpoint Tuner, which gives users the option to toggle between Right, Center, and Left content.

The search engine’s simple homepage and search interface make it easy for everybody to use. Users simply need to type in their queries and the relevant results are brought up instantly based on the filters selected. Unlike other search engines, with TUSK Search, no results are blocked or restricted due to their political or social angle.

TUSK Search also comes with Gippr AI, a chatbot built with a Conservative point of view that users can interact with to find information. Like the search engine itself, Gippr AI is meant to be an alternative to Liberal-leaning chatbots like ChatGPT.

“As the battle for free speech rages on, TUSK Search is leading the charge to overcome the big tech tyrants,” said a spokesperson for the company. “With TUSK Search, you don’t have to worry about being censored, monitored, or confined to a sandbox of ‘approved’ information. You’ll have the power to access any content, anytime you want.”

About TUSK

Founded by tech entrepreneur and real estate developer Jeff Bermant, TUSK Browser has been helping Conservatives access unfiltered and uncensored Internet content since 2021. TUSK Search, which has been in development for a few years, is the latest free-speech initiative from the company.

Interested parties can find more information at https://tuskbrowser.com/search

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