Maximize Your Home’s Value: Real Estate Sales Services for Hoarder Houses

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A probate specialist is helping inheritors of hoarder houses in Maryland and Virginia obtain the highest possible sale price for the problematic properties.

Marc Cormier of Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty has released a number of resources designed to inform inheritors about the options available to them when disposing of hoarder houses. According to the company, these informative resources are essential, as hoarder houses are usually in a state where negotiating for a fair price is difficult.

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“We have to understand first that hoarding is a mental health condition, where the sufferer is unable to part with even the most mundane items, such as newspapers, magazines, clothing, household goods, food containers, and even trash,” Mr. Cormier said. “This condition, in turn, turns the hoarder’s house into a place that poses serious health and safety risks.”

Mr. Cormier added that excessive clutter can lead to fire hazards, structural damage, poor air quality, pest infestations, and increased risk of falls or injuries. “It’s quite obvious why the state of these types of houses makes them unattractive to buyers in the market, which means that negotiations will almost always not favor the one selling the property.”

In his resources, the probate realtor shows how heirs to hoarder houses can increase the sale price by over $100,000. The approach entails implementing a full-house renovation that factors into the final sale price, thus generating a guaranteed profit.

Mr. Cormier has also added a real example of a project his team handled in Washington, DC, where a hoarder house was receiving cash offers that only ranged from $190,000 to $235,000. After managing its renovation and advertising to potential buyers, Mr. Cormier was able to bring up the price to $473,500.

“We are a full-service real estate and design firm. We do as much or as little as you, the client requires,” Mr. Cormier said in a statement. “From clearing a property of trash to designing kitchens and selecting paint colors, our goal is always to maximize your sales price.”

Mr. Cormier is an experienced probate realtor specializing in the Maryland and Virginia markets. His accomplishments in the field have earned him a number of distinctions, including Certified Distressed Property Expert and Certified Short Sales Expert, among many others.

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Marc Cormier is an experienced real estate professional with over 22+ years of expertise in helping families navigate the probate process. He has a deep understanding of the real estate industry and has even testified as an expert witness in Federal Court. Marc is a graduate of Brown University and has completed post-graduate Executive-level courses at top universities. Marc holds numerous certifications and accolades, including recognition as one of the Top 1% of Realtors. Marc Cormier (301) 660-6272 x 711