Sill-Less Pass-Thru Window With Single Handle Locking For Restaurants Launched

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OpenUp Windows has a new model of their sill-less pass-thru window that has been made from completely sustainable materials.

Particularly popular amongst restaurants and hospitality clients, OpenUp Windows’ unique gas strut flip-out design allows restauranteurs to have windows that can open to a perfect 90-degree angle and stay there, with no hinges or locks necessary. Now, the custom window makers have a new model of their popular window that uses the same engineering principle but combines it with environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials like recycled Accoya® wood.

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OpenUp Windows appreciates that in 2023, when it comes to design, sustainability has become an overarching principle, and the window makers are proud to likewise be making their own products more in harmony with the environment.

As the window makers explain, Accoya® wood is both recycled and naturally insulating, and in their new design they partner it with extruded aluminum and UV-protected glass to create a double-insulated window. Because of their sill-less design and new single handle locking system, when the window is closed it will offer restaurants the highest energy-efficiency properties.

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As with previous models, OpenUp Windows’ new sill-less pass-thru window will give restaurants more indoor kitchen space and outdoor counter space. It also allows for full visibility between the kitchen and a restaurant’s outdoor spaces.

OpenUp Windows believes their gas strut windows are equally beneficial for traditional restaurants and takeout restaurants who want to embrace a counter-serve model, and upscale food trucks and stalls. They recommend that any interested restauranteur get in touch to see how a pass-thru window can improve the way they connect with and serve their patrons.

OpenUp Windows is a custom window making firm who works with commercial and residential clients across the country.

A spokesperson for the gas strut flip-out window designers said, “When you invest in a gas strut pass-thru kitchen window for your business, you want to ensure that it not only stands the test of time but is expertly crafted and sustainably sourced. When you choose an OpenUp Window, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best, guaranteed.”

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