West Jordan Dry Eye Test & Treatment: Optometry Clinic Services Expanded

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Individuals in West Jordan struggling with dry eyes can now get diagnosis and treatment services with Clear Vision Institute’s (385-222-2020) recently expanded optometry services.

With their recent expansion, the Utah eye care clinic can determine the cause of a patient’s dry eyes through tear gland assessments and eye health evaluations before providing effective treatment to relieve the condition.

More information is available at https://utah.pcvi.com/dry-eye-causes-and-treatments-south-jordan/

The clinic’s expanded treatments are available for residents throughout West Jordan and the Salt Lake region – and include Blephex and IPL pulse light therapy to eliminate tear gland blockages.

While the reasons for dry eyes can range from medications, medical conditions such as diabetes, or extended screen times, the causes are due to insufficient, quick-drying, or poor quality of tears. Knowing what the main cause is can allow individuals to find treatments that address this root cause and reduce the resulting irritation and vision issues. As such, the team at Clear Vision Institute provides extensive dry eye examinations.

Once the cause is determined, the clinic’s optometrists can arrange for Blephex or IPL pulse light therapy to treat patients, depending on the extent of their condition.

Blephex, a medical-grade micro sponge, is often the first choice for treating dry eyes as it removes any built-up debris along the eyelids that are blocking an individual’s tear ducts. For individuals with dry eyes syndrome caused by dysfunctional tear glands, the team offers IPL therapy, which uses light pulses to stimulate the eye’s Meibomian glands and, in turn, promotes the production of oils that are a vital part of their tears.

In addition to their dry eye assessment and treatments, the Utah clinic’s team also offers LASIK treatments for individuals wanting a more permanent solution to their near or farsightedness, as well as eye wellness exams and myopia treatments.

Based in South Jordan and now expanding to nearby areas, Clear Vision Institutes has made it easier for those living throughout the Utah region to find eye care services.

A spokesperson for Clear Vision Institute said, “Our team is dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. We will explain every exam and procedure and answer all of our patient’s questions.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://utah.pcvi.com/dry-eye-causes-and-treatments-south-jordan/

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