Lead Generation for Businesses and Sales Professionals by LinkGen Solutions

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LinkGen Solutions continues to help companies increase sales revenues, speed up sales cycles and help professionals engage with decision makers.

The company’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) portal is a tool that can help businesses accelerate their sales process and engage directly with their target audience. Now available in an improved version, the platform uses intelligent automation to allow users to create and manage dedicated campaigns for communicating with specific markets.

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LinkGen Solutions’ platform helps clients establish direct communication with decision-makers, close deals faster, and minimize non-productive billable hours. By using the portal’s filters, businesses can identify key individuals and incorporate data from third-party providers to facilitate interaction with potential clients or customers.

LinkGen Solutions is offered as a Managed Service Package, where digital experts support the entire process operating as an extension of sales team’s internal teams. This includes consulting, coaching, strategy and creating customized outreach. Through customized strategies the LinkGen Solutions team helps speed up sales cycles, engage sales professionals with the exact target audience being sourced and help empower teams to achieve the highest levels of success.

Patrick Pinto CMO stated “LinkGen Solutions, is a next generation platform that continues to showcase its success in the end results of the amazing clients using it today. The team of dedicated digital experts help create custom outreach, that align in the sales approach of each professional. There is no cookie cutter process.”

The DIY portal also enables the automation of an unlimited number of campaigns, which helps businesses maintain consistent contact with their audience. This tool allows businesses to remain visible to their audience, increasing the chances of securing deals.

Following up on communications is also made simple with the portal’s auto-scheduler. Whenever a recipient accepts an invitation to connect, a follow-up is automatically scheduled. This ensures ongoing engagement and can lead to better conversion rates.

Clients are also provided with detailed data analytics, offering insights into the performance of each communication sequence. This information can be used to optimize future strategies and improve results. There’s also a mini CRM built into the system, which can help team admins take notes, add tags, and coordinate with the rest of the team more effectively.

The DIY portal’s automatic data entry feature helps businesses streamline their operations by eliminating the need for manual data entry. It offers seamless integration with several popular CRM systems like Pipedrive®, HubSpot™, Close, Insightly, Zoho, Email Finder, Hyperise, and Salesforce .com, facilitated by Zapier® connectors. This functionality frees up more time for sales representatives to focus on lead generation, thereby maximizing productivity.

LinkGen Solutions is a versatile business tool, offering automation, direct engagement with decision-makers, follow-up capabilities, data analytics, and universal integration. It is designed to streamline sales processes, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their sales results.

“We cannot say enough about the success we have experienced working with BeeSeen Solutions. They helped us secure opportunities and partnerships with the University of Rutgers, and the University of Pennsylvania. We have secured a partnership with New Jersey Transit Authority, too. Highly recommend them,” stated Karen Cavallaro Client.

Interested parties who want to know more about the DIY portal may visit https://linkgensolutions.com/diy/

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