Sage CRM Pipeline Management Corporate Training For Sales Teams Announced

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Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has declared “success” for a series of webinars it led in May about the potential benefits of Sage software to an organization’s sales performance. The company said it is positioned to conduct similar sessions for other organizations.

Titled “Inside/Outside Sales CRM Software Tools,” the series offered attendees insights into the pivotal role of well-managed customer and salesperson relationships in closing sales opportunities. It also provided attendees with an overview of relevant software that can help facilitate these relationships, namely Sage CRM and Sage 100.

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The webinars were held on May 16-18, 2023, and attended by representatives of small to mid-sized companies operating in the distribution, manufacturing, and field service sectors.

The session on Sage CRM highlighted its capabilities in managing pipelines for both inside and outside sales. The training provider said that participants were able to quickly grasp the value of using Sage CRM and harnessing its full potential across various departments and operations, particularly in sales.

Also covered was the integration of Sage 100 with Salesforce, a topic that garnered significant interest among attendees, especially the users of the latter. In this session, participants learned how the two software can be integrated to enable real-time visibility of orders, communications, and invoices for the sales and marketing teams.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS reported that the session received a positive response from attendees who previously faced challenges with disrupted workflows due to the lack of integration between their accounting and customer-facing CRM systems.

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Lastly, participants were shown how to simplify the commission structure of a sales staff. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS stressed its importance, stating that a clear commission structure is integral to a sales professional’s ability to perform.

“Sales commissions—how they’re calculated and structured—is typically overlooked as factors contributing to sluggish or decreasing sales,” a JCS spokesperson explained.

While the webinars have concluded, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS said it remains available to companies unable to attend but keen on leveraging Sage 100 solutions to enhance their sales performance.

With offices in major US cities, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS provides training in a number of enterprise software, including Sage ERP, Sage 50, and QuickBooks, to manufacturing, distribution, and field service industries.

Organizations who want to learn more via JCS’ training sessions and webinars for their sales teams may contact 800.475-1047 or visit for additional information.