Sublimation Printers For Fashion Designers, Industry Networking Space Updated

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The women-owned, women-run fashion industry networking space, Fashion Index, has updated its platform to give fashion designers the opportunity to find and connect with verified sublimation printers for their clothing lines.

With this update, the company anticipates that more fashion designers will utilize its easily searchable database to find and connect with verified sublimation printers for their clothing lines. With a no-cost Fashion Index account, designers can filter their sublimation printer searches by apparel category, production volume, specialty categories, sustainability, location, and more.

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The company’s new update is meant to provide further support for fashion designers struggling to connect with the appropriate sublimation printers, and other necessary resources, to create their clothing lines. Fashion Index aims to take the guesswork out of this process by featuring detailed business profiles for hundreds of sublimation printers, as well as digital fabric printers, dye houses, factories, and wash facilities, among others.

Emerging fashion designers may find sublimation printing to be a resourceful choice for class and durability, especially when creating their debut clothing line. In sublimation printing the ink essentially becomes part of the fabric, so the design will last as long as the garment does. In order to achieve vibrant colors the fabric needs to be 100% polyester. This technique can help to showcase designs with class, style, and durability. Sublimation printing tends to be more costly than other printing techniques, however, so finding a printer who meets a designer’s production volume, budgetary, and quality needs is crucial to avoid overspending.

On Fashion Index, designers can create a no-cost user account to get access to hundreds of sublimation printer profiles that include a business overview, a list of areas of expertise, partnership history, and apparel category experience. Once a designer identifies a sublimation printer that meets their criteria, they can reach out to the company directly through Fashion Index.

About Fashion Index

Fashion Index is a B2B and B2C networking platform designed to support fashion industry professionals in connecting with the people, facilities, and resources they need to thrive. The company also provides education on evolving fashion trends, best business practices, emerging fashion creatives, and other fashion-related topics through its original blog series, available on the website. Fashion Index strives to be an accessible and inclusive online space that cultivates a vibrant, collaborative, and supportive fashion industry community.

“I saw an opportunity to create sustainable luxury knitwear in the market using natural fibers,” said one of many satisfied Fashion Index users. “Therefore, finding the right partners that have the same values, and bringing our collection to life, was a high priority for us. Fashion Index was able to provide those resources.”

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