Waco Outdoor Patio Shades, Custom Motorized Blinds Installation Announced

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Window treatment provider Love is Blinds (254-232-5744) is now offering exterior patio shades just in time for summer.

A recent article published on NZ House & Garden listed blinds as one of the top wall and window trends for 2023, highlighting both the software and hardware advancements that have made blinds not only an affordable choice but also an environmentally friendly one. Love is Blinds agrees and believes that blinds are just as aesthetically pleasing outdoors as they are indoors. As such, it is now offering custom and motorized outdoor shades for the patio.

More details can be found at https://www.loveisblindstx.com/window-treatments/waco-tx

Waco ranks among the hottest cities in the US, with an average mid-summer high of 96°F. And while many homes have patios, they become obsolete during the sweltering Texas summer. Offering homeowners a way to shield their outdoor spaces from the sun, improve energy efficiency, and enhance curb appeal, Love is Blinds’ outdoor roller shades come in a variety of materials and colors to fit the existing decor.

“Investing in patio shades is a great way to enhance the functionality and style of your outdoor living area,” said a spokesperson for the window treatment specialist. “Whether you’re looking for a way to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, create more privacy, or just add a touch of elegance to your patio, patio shade options are available to fit your needs.”

Love is Blinds recommends its outdoor patio shades as a way to protect both people and patio furniture from the heat and harmful UV rays. As its blinds are motorized, they also add functionality and style to the outdoor space; homeowners can easily adjust and schedule the amount of light that is filtered and when.

More information about exterior patio shades can be found at https://loveisblindstx.com/products/exterior-patio-shades

As with window treatments, outdoor blinds and shades come in a variety of materials – including PVC and high-density polyethylene. Regardless of the material, all Love is Blinds’ patio coverings are crafted to provide protection from UV rays.

With rising temperatures and the dry Texas winds, Love is Blinds believes that outdoor patio blinds are becoming a necessity. The company is confident that with its wide selection of exterior blinds and shades, Waco homeowners will be able to find something that fits their existing home decor and style preferences.

Aside from outdoor patio blinds, Love is Blinds can install timeless plantation shutters – recommended for those homeowners looking for longevity in their window treatments.

About Love is Blinds

Based in Waco, Love is Blinds offers a variety of window treatment solutions, along with window treatment installation, window washing, and decor hanging services. With a team of experienced design technicians, the company provides customized solutions and quality craftsmanship.

A satisfied customer said, “Great company. Ran by people who really know their custom window treatments. We have cordless custom roller shades in our home. Pricing was great and products are amazing.”

Interested parties can learn more about outdoor patio blinds at https://loveisblindstx.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-patio-shades-for-your-outdoor-space

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