Brooklyn Iron Chelation IV Therapy: Heavy Metal Removal Treatment Updated

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Patients Medical (212-794-8800) has updated its services to offer intravenous iron chelation therapy for residents of Brooklyn struggling with hereditary or acquired iron overload.

The clinic now offers patients a treatment option that helps the body break down excess iron and excrete it. Hemochromatosis is the most common hereditary condition that causes iron overload. Among the acquired conditions that can lead to this issue are chronic or alcohol-related liver disease, hepatitis C, long-term kidney dialysis, and some types of anemia.

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Following the update, Patients Medical offers various chelating agent options for iron chelation IV therapy, such as deferoxamine, deferasirox, and deferiprone. These FDA-approved chelating agents have differing strengths, with deferiprone being more effective at controlling or reducing myocardial iron overload, and deferoxamine more appropriate for hepatic iron overload, which is usually associated with hemochromatosis.

As explained in a Medical News Today article, iron overload can cause fatigue and muscle weakness. It can also lead to high blood sugar levels, hyperpigmentation, and decreased libido. If left untreated, as the article goes on to explain, iron overload can cause heart or liver disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, or pancreatitis.

An iron chelation IV therapy session at Patients Medical usually lasts from one to three hours and most patients require 10 to 30 treatments, administered 1-3 times weekly. Patients first undergo comprehensive testing to identify the level of iron in their body and the underlying cause, which their physician will use to determine their unique iron chelation IV therapy plan. Since chelation IV therapy can also remove essential nutrients like zinc and calcium, Patients Medical can prescribe a holistic nutrition and supplementation plan to restore patients’ nutrient balance.

“Before undergoing chelation therapy in a functional medicine setting, individuals should discuss the treatment with a licensed healthcare professional to determine if it is appropriate for their specific needs and circumstances,” said one spokesperson for the practice. “We focus on the root causes of secondary medical conditions, integrating modern medicine and holistic practices to spark healing and prevent disease.”

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