Microcurrent Devices For Energy Medicine & Pain Management Clinics Updated

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MEND Technology announces a new update to its programmable wellness devices as part of a continuing focus on advanced energy medicine technology.

The updated devices are available as professional units, made for use in clinical settings, and wellness options – which are suitable for home use. Each portable device has a large, backlit display and can be customized with different protocols.

More information can be found at https://mendtechnology.com/

The latest announcement reaffirms MEND Technology’s focus on advancing the technology available to energy medicine practitioners nationwide. The devices have been upgraded with the help of top thought leaders in bio-resonance medicine, and batteries now last up to 60 hours.

“Energy medicine has been around for decades,” a spokesperson states, “but only recently has it seen a resurgence in the medical field. As healthcare practitioners became more sophisticated in microcurrent, the need for a more versatile device became a necessity.”

Energy medicine encompasses a range of alternative therapies that focus on restoring and balancing the body’s energy systems. Microcurrent devices deliver low-level electrical currents to targeted areas of the body, stimulating cellular activity, promoting natural healing, and relieving pain.

The professional-tier microcurrent machine is a versatile tool that can be loaded with up to 999 custom protocols. This allows practitioners to tailor treatments to each patient’s unique needs. The devices offer flexible treatment by enabling practitioners to adjust polarity, waveform, frequency, intensity, and time to optimize outcomes.

Featuring a user-friendly keypad, the MEND microcurrent machines allow practitioners to quickly enter frequencies during manual mode or within a protocol. The devices also have up to nine different protocols that can be daisy-chained together – addressing patients’ energy imbalances and pain management in a more actionable way.

The MEND Professional Package, which includes the microcurrent machine, software, USB cables, electrode pads, and other essential materials, provides practitioners with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for their energy medicine practices.

In addition to the professional unit, a wellness model is available – and while this can be used in clinics, it is also suitable for home use. This is programmable with up to 99 protocols but has the same daisy-chaining functionality.

A spokesperson for the company states: “MEND Technology is a solution-based company providing innovative approaches for bio-resonance technologies. We are committed to listening to the needs of practitioners and staying vigilant to this fast-paced and ever-changing environment of energy medicine applications.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://mendtechnology.com/

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