New Floral Botanical Hand-Blended Bath Powder, Talc-Free & US Delivery Launched

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Parlour of Wonders, an online boutique devoted to skincare and spiritual wellness products, has released a new line of hand blended bath powders.

The new powders combine the finest floral and botanical ingredients and are naturally perfumed with healing and restorative essential oils. As a retailer of holistic wellness wares, Parlour of Wonders also assures its customers that its new bath powders are strictly talc-free and skin safe.

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The boutique is proud to be a leader in the use of natural cornstarch as a replacement for talc in their recently released products, in light of ongoing research into the cancer-causing effects of talcum powder. Sadly, as a recent consumer report from Women’s Voices for The Earth explained, 6 of the popular 27 brands they studied still manufacture talc-based products, and another 8 of those brands are still ‘selling down’ their talc powder products.

Parlour of Wonders is proud to distinguish itself from these generic supermarket and drugstore brands with its pure, artisan, hand-blended bath powders. They have carefully developed a new line of perfumed powders that use the finest organic ingredients to offer users an experience that is both relaxing and reinvigorating.

All of the new botanical bath powders have also been spiritually charged with an energetically purifying gemstone, selected by the store’s founder, renowned crystal docent Madame Pamita. This means that customers can also use the powders to create a spiritual bath to help them manifest a positive affirmation or wish.

One popular new powder is the Abundant Prosperity Sachet Powder, which includes fragrant chamomile and a lucky pyrite gemstone, and has been blended to help users manifest their financial desires.

Another new addition is the Blockbuster Sachet Powder, which features agrimony and a tourmalinated quartz stone, and is designed to help users break down any blocks to success in their life.

Parlour of Wonders is a Los Angeles-based boutique that offers customers natural, high-vibe, and spiritually attuned skincare solutions. They offer shipping at no fee across the US.

A spokesperson for the store said, “Each of our new bath powders is hand-crafted from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Specially designed for working on a vibrational level, each sachet is an original Parlour of Wonders creation—you’ll find them nowhere else.”

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