Texas School Chaplain For Public Education, 2023/24 Year Program Announced

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The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) is now reaching out to both private and public schools in Texas who would like to hire a chaplain for the upcoming 2023/24 school year.

The National School Chaplain Association currently has trained, accredited and experienced school chaplains available to schools in Texas, who have gained their accreditation through their leading and nationally recognized training program. In addition to the overall benefits that a school chaplain can provide an elementary, middle or high school, the National School Chaplain Association assures hiring educational institutes that school chaplains who are registered with them are trusted and proven individuals, and all their hires work according to their organization’s policies and principles.

More information is available at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/

At a moment in which more students are suffering from mental health issues than ever before, in which school gun violence and shootings are at an all-time high, and in which teachers face higher levels of burnout, the National School Chaplain Association believes that schools in Texas need additional support.

This is what they believe a trained and accredited school chaplain can provide, and they have seen that their chaplains have benefitted both denominational and non-denominational schools with issues as far-reaching as teacher retention, productivity and job satisfaction, and student wellbeing, attendance and connectivity.

Interested readers can access more information at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/chaplains/

When a Texas elementary, middle or high school hires a school chaplain through the National School Chaplain Association, they will also be gaining additional benefits by virtue of hiring from the nation’s leading body in spiritual care and guidance. Some of these benefits include 24/7 chaplain access and offsite supervision via the US Senior Chaplain Board.

For those schools who are new to chaplaincy, the National School Chaplain Association assures them that their appointed chaplain will work to their standards and in the ways they recommend. Moreover, the organization has a vast nationwide team who can liaise more closely with any school to discuss how hiring and appointment will look at their educational institute.

A spokesperson for the chaplaincy providers said, “Hiring a chaplain in your school makes a direct impact on the students, staff, educators, as well as the entire community through increased school safety, better teacher retention, and enhanced mental health support.”

More details can be found at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/schools/

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