Brooklyn West Artificial Boxwood Hedges & Living Walls: Planter Range Expanded

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Brooklyn West (1-646-974-8891), an outdoor design company based in Brooklyn, NYC, recently expanded its range of artificial boxwood hedges, living walls, bushes, and foliage.

With the expansion of its product selection, Brooklyn West seeks to make it easier for customers in the northeastern United States to upgrade their indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces. The company’s artificial hedges and planters can be used as decoration or as a means of improving privacy.

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As part of its updated range of artificial boxwood hedges, Brooklyn West offers a variety of standard and custom options. For the standard hedges, customers have a choice between several different widths and heights depending on the size of their space and their needs. All the standard hedges come with an Ebony Black planter as well as a commercial grade 1 ¾” close-cropped boxwood mat that is UV and fire-rated.

With the custom hedge option, homeowners can create their own unique boxwood hedges alongside assistance from one of Brooklyn West’s experienced designers. In addition to size and shapes, features like the planter color can also be customized to suit the customer’s preferences.

For homeowners who don’t require full boxwood hedges but may still be looking for living walls or other foliage, Brooklyn West has solutions for them too. They sell rolls of easy-to-install commercial-grade artificial foliage, which can be used to enhance bland surfaces in homes, restaurants, and retail stores. Smaller artificial bushes and planters are also available.

Brooklyn West’s hedges, living walls, bushes, and foliage can be installed in a variety of premises, including offices, hotel lobbies, roof gardens, event spaces, or for landscaping purposes. In addition to being decorative pieces, they also afford a level of privacy that other screens and dividers don’t provide. Also, being artificial, they require very little maintenance and last significantly longer than real hedges and plants.

“At Brooklyn West, we design and fabricate bespoke, handcrafted, maintenance-free artificial boxwood hedges and artificial living walls in various combinations and styles for all situations and environments,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our products are great for balconies, roof gardens, pool surrounds, and patios, and help create privacy and wonderfully intimate spaces for you to escape to.”

About Brooklyn West

Brooklyn West has been providing customers across the northeastern United States with handcrafted faux boxwood hedges and artificial living walls since 2018. Their design and fabrication studio is located in Brooklyn and is accessible by appointment only.

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