MSP Financial Management Peer Group Training For Sales Improvement Expanded

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Business improvement consultancy BMK Community expands its Peer Team training and development program for MSP and TSP owners.

The multi-tier program now offers several levels of support and professional development, ranging from financially based guidance through to more comprehensive business evaluation, planning, and training. In addition to advice from professional consultants, MSP business owners have an opportunity to exchange ideas with a team of other company leaders, allowing a greater degree of accountability.

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BMK Community has recognized that the development needs of business owners can differ, and the latest programs were developed to offer a greater degree of choice. In each case, the firm aims to help clients understand their strengths and weaknesses and adopt new ways of working.

A recent report from Entrepreneur highlights the impact that loneliness can have on business owners. The piece points out that unexpected personal or professional challenges can lead to burnout and/or mental health problems, and it suggests that having a support network is one of the most effective ways of staying energized.

The enhanced Peer Team programs from BMK are designed to fill this role, offering the ability to share challenges and goals, and ultimately help owners grow their business. The first tier, Squad, focuses primarily on understanding finances, while the Charge and Charge + programs consider all aspects of business performance and destination planning, with peer meetings being held at different frequencies.

“Our Peer Teams program is guided by former MSP members who have seen it all before,” a company representative explained. “Our overall objective is to increase financial, operational, sales, leadership, and ownership knowledge for each business owner. We achieve this through a unique combination of consulting, training, and working alongside other business owners.”

About BMK Community

As part of the Bering McKinley business improvement consultancy, BMK Community can form part of a wider approach that incorporates ConnectWise tools support, business reviews, operational consulting, and professional training/certification. The firm offers a multidisciplinary team of management consultants, with each having several decades of experience in the MSP and IT sectors.

“Since joining BMK Community, I’ve gained a much deeper knowledge of how to run my business and what things to look out for,” one business owner recently stated. “Instead of just running things in a random way, I now have some real foundational knowledge that I can use to help guide my decisions.”

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