Finance Consultant For Mergers & Acquisitions To Scale Companies, Service Update

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Solomon RC Ali Corporation has expanded its financial consulting service that focuses on helping companies looking to scale through a merger or acquisition.

The head of Solomon RC Ali Corporation, Solomon RC, Ali has overseen over 140 mergers and acquisitions and personally raised nearly $1 billion in structured capital for companies that want to grow their business. During his 38 years of experience, Ali has seen that mergers and acquisitions can be one of the most important elements in a company’s toolkit; as such, he now offers his expertise in strategizing and monetizing M&As to interested companies across the US.

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Solomon RC Ali Corp is now reaching out specifically to companies in the healthcare, technology, and energy sectors that are looking to scale, as they feel that there is strong untapped potential in mergers and acquisitions in these sectors.

With the financial consultants’ M&A consultancy service, they first help their corporate clients to identify what their goals and targets are for any merger or acquisition, and then shortlist suitable acquisition targets. Solomon RC Ali Corp’s service also encompasses deal management and closing.

In his decades of experience, Solomon RC Ali has seen that the right merger or acquisition is not only a pathway to raising capital and therefore funding and scaling a business but also to improving a company’s outcomes in a much broader sense. This can mean gaining access to new markets and new talent pools, leveraging the trust of the acquired brand’s name, and more.

As specialists in creative financing, Solomon RC Ali Corp also suggests that, if well executed, a merger or acquisition can become a tool by which a business can build a comprehensive ongoing investment strategy.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation is the trusted financial and business consulting firm of Solomon RC Ali. They provide far-reaching investment and operational advice to both growing and established companies.

A spokesperson for the finance consultants said, “Solomon RC Ali Corp successfully scales profitable companies across the healthcare, technology, and energy sectors through the acquisition of funding and management consulting. Our team of professionals brings an incomparable skill set in the areas of closing financing for companies and achieving benchmarks of growth and scalability.”

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