Financial Freedom Plan For Contract Employees, Wealth Building Book Launched

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Solomon RC Ali Corporation has published a new financial freedom plan that has been specifically written with contract employees and gig workers of color in mind.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation’s new financial freedom plan comes in the form of a new book written by the esteemed corporation’s head, Solomon RC Ali. Titled ‘Why Black Wealth Matters in White America: Turning Black Spending Power Into Generational Wealth,’ the new book provides contract employees and gig workers in America—especially Black contract employees and gig workers—with an impactful and actionable step-by-step financial guide. This guide will help readers better manage their money, gain financial literacy, achieve financial independence and prosperity, and finally, start creating and building wealth.

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Solomon RC Ali is particularly reaching out to contract employees and gig workers with his new book because he believes that, without trusted financial advice and insight, these types of workers are often left at a disadvantage. As a recent article in The New York Times about the ‘lie’ of the gig economy described, the evidence now shows that gig economy workers “tend to be poorer and are more likely to be minorities”. They are often also forced into a cycle of chasing the next project, and left without the stability of paid leave, retirement plans, pensions, and more.

Although, as a business visionary and entrepreneur himself, Solomon RC Ali believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and understands that contract work can also offer greater freedom to workers, he holds the same reservations about the overall state of the gig economy; particularly with regards to how it entrenches the ‘race gap’ in pay.

That’s why, with ‘Why Black Wealth Matters in White America,’ he has created a roadmap for financial success for Americans of color who don’t work in a stable 9-5 full-time permanent position. He believes that with the right financial roadmap, a contract or gig career can be the stepping stone to generational wealth, and he uses his new book to show his readers how.

Solomon RC Ali is a proven entrepreneur, CEO, private equity investor and financial consultant who has generated nearly $1 billion of structured capital and taken many companies public. He is proud to be publishing his new book through Solomon RC Ali Corporation.

A spokesperson for the financial advisory firm said, “While this book was written for black Americans—and anyone who has an interest in race relations in our country—its relevance and wisdom is universal to everyone who reads it. Within the pages, Solomon breaks down the root causes of African American insecurity, and how to address the race gap—starting with you. Plus, he offers concrete, specific advice on how Blacks can leverage their community resources to ‘supercharge’ the wealth-building potential of those around them.”

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