Washington Park, CO Physical Therapy For Sports Back & Shoulder Injuries Updated

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Washington Park, CO – KinetikChain Physical Therapy Clinic (720-651-0674) announces its updated one-on-one physical therapy services for sports injury patients looking for ongoing care after their acute phase has resolved.

As part of the latest update, the clinic provides physical therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, or any type of sports injury. Patients may also request dry needling services, which is an alternative wellness treatment designed to increase blood flow and reduce pain.

More details can be found at https://www.kinetikchaindenver.com/

KinetikChain’s physical therapy is available in two packages – Silver and Gold sessions. During the first consultation, Dr. Jamie Bovay and his team will conduct a thorough examination to assess the problem areas and recommend the appropriate treatment and the optimal number of sessions.

Gold sessions are recommended for more complex injuries that need more intensive focus, while silver sessions are ideal for superficial damage. Typically, patients will require eight sessions for general physical therapy. This may increase to 12 sessions for more complex injuries or those who need pelvic floor therapy.

Pelvic floor therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that is designed to resolve issues related to bladder or bowel movements or constipation. While typically done for women, men may also benefit from pelvic floor therapy, especially if they suffer from incontinence.

New clients can schedule a no-obligation, no-cost 20-minute discovery visit. This includes an exam and diagnosis.

Following the announcement, KinetikChain says that it is planning on expanding its business soon with a new location either at Bel Mar, Lakewood, Berkeley, or Cherry Creek. It will also add chiropractic services and personal training in the near future as well.

The clinic was founded by Dr. Jamie Bovay who is committed to helping patients recover from their injuries safely and quickly so that they can stay active in their favorite sports and activities.

A spokesperson for the clinic wrote, “We are dedicated to helping individuals find solutions to their problems so they can live their lives with purpose. As a privately-owned clinic, we prioritize optimizing functional performance for individuals of all ages and abilities, regardless of injuries.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.kinetikchaindenver.com/

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