Customized Flip-Out Commercial Service Windows With Full UV Protection Announced

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OpenUp Windows, designer and manufacturer of sustainable gas strut awning windows, announces customized commercial flip-out service windows with full UV protection.

As more restaurant and cafe owners are choosing flip-out gas strut awning windows to increase counter space, boost customer interaction, and improve the aesthetic value of their businesses, OpenUp Windows is taking flip-out service window performance a step further with an update in customizable glass packages that offer full UV protection.

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Unlike bi-fold windows with frames that obstruct counter space, flip-out windows increase counter space to maximize food service by connecting indoor areas with exterior spaces. Inventors of gas strut awning windows with 2Fold Technology®, OpenUp Windows is again pioneering advancements in this popular niche to offer updated flip-out windows with customizable high-performance glass that features full UV protection.

“Restaurants don’t need a patio to benefit from flip-out windows,” says a company spokesperson. “By incorporating a series of windows along the side of the restaurant they can bring the outdoors in for a better customer experience and fresh ventilation. And thanks to full UV protection, the windows keep interiors cooler and prevent materials from fading.”

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OpenUp Windows serves both a national and international customer base. Depending on a business’s geographic location, they can fit the flip-out window with a UV glass package that meets their individual needs.

Standard glass packages come with 1” thick insulated glass made up of two pieces of 3/16” tempered glass separated by a black spacer. A thin metal layer added to the inboard side of the window’s outer pane is what offers the necessary UV protection. Double and triple silver coatings are available to customers facing more extreme weather conditions.

Easy and convenient to use, a single push is all it takes to engage gas strut propulsion that lifts the window to a full 90-degree angle. While they increase customer access and ease the flow of food service, flip-out windows can also be placed inside or outside of a restaurant’s bar area to offer better views, bigger spaces, and better customer interaction.

OpenUp Windows’ 2Fold Technology® blends sustainable Accoya wood sash interiors and frames with heavy extruded tubular aluminum for a natural rich aesthetic that is exceptionally durable. All OpenUp’s windows are weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and termite-resistant.

With their newly introduced customizable UV protection, OpenUp Windows is meeting restaurant owner needs regardless of where their business is located and no matter the level of sunlight they’re dealing with.

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