Relaxing Infrared Stone Heating Pad: Anti-Inflammatory Therapy Mat Updated

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HealthyLine, a heated natural gemstone therapy mat provider, has announced its updated product line as a potential solution to everyday inflammation.

HealthyLine’s InfraMat products have recently been updated with new features said to boost their detoxifying and anti-inflammatory capabilities. The InfraMat Pro is currently available in three models, each of which offers unique benefits to suit the needs of as many potential users as possible.

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The updated product line allows for multi-purpose daily use of the products as a way to combat stress, fatigue, inflammation, and other minor bodily ailments through enhanced relaxation and natural therapy techniques.

The Platinum version of the InfraMat, which contains the widest range of features of any model in the line, can facilitate 5 different therapy techniques from a central control module. These techniques are designed to mimic the effects of spending time in nature, and include PEMF, far infrared, photon light, negative ion, and heat therapies.

Each of these therapy methods is integrated into the mat, which also comes with a variety of accessories to enhance these capabilities. For example, each mat can be fitted with the included heat-capture blanket to turn the mat into an in-home sauna equivalent, or with a plastic cover to enable outdoor use.

The mats are intended to stimulate deep bodily tissues through the multiple therapy techniques to help the body release toxins and reduce tension. They are also hypoallergenic and ozone-free, with the intention of keeping the air around the device clean for maximum bodily benefits.

One reviewer said, “I stumbled upon PEMF therapy and saw an ad for Platinum Mat 7224. According to the ad, the mat provides pain relief, reduces inflammation and promotes better joint health, which was exactly what I needed. When the mat arrived I started to use it right away. It took a few weeks before I was able to notice anything. Now, after using it for a month, I can say that it has greatly influenced my overall wellness and helped me enjoy life again.”

Each InfraMat model is available to suit a different price point, and a full breakdown of the features of each is available on the HealthyLine website.

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