Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap, Cool Relief: Ankle Pain & Swelling Treatment Update

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Available in an updated formula, the Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap produced by Cool Relief provides instant treatment for ankle and foot injuries and helps reduce long-term swelling.

Cool Relief has expanded its product range to include the Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap for the treatment of pain, muscle inflammation, and swelling. Cool Relief’s proprietary gel pack design with Inner Ice Technology is engineered to stay colder for longer while still providing flexibility and range of movement.

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Cool Relief explains that the gel ice wrap can be used to treat foot pain, swelling, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, heel pain, and post-surgery treatment. The adjustable elastic straps allow the ice wrap to fit most people comfortably, covering the ankle and foot to provide continuous cold compression therapy deep into injured areas.

Icing foot and ankle injuries as soon as they occur can speed up recovery time by reducing inflammation and long-term swelling. Applying a continuous cold compress to an injury constricts the blood vessels, decreases circulation in the area, and numbs the pain. The Cool Relief Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap, with its removable inserts, is convenient for coaches and athletes to keep on hand to treat foot and ankle injuries immediately.

For the most effective results, Cool Relief advises that the ice wrap be applied a minimum of two to three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. For severe swelling, the wrap can be applied every hour. The ice wrap can be used for as long as the pain, swelling, or inflammation persists and there is no need to switch to heat after 48 hours or to alternate between ice and heat. If, however, heat treatment is required, the wrap insert can also be warmed in the microwave.

“Just what I needed for feet and toes. About the only thing better would have to be custom molded and way too expensive,” said a satisfied customer.

The Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap includes a soft cloth ankle and foot compression wrap and a reusable soft gel ice pack. Cool Relief also stocks ice and heat wraps to treat shoulder, back, hip, and elbow pain.

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