Aardvark Automotive Issues Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Extreme Heat

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Since 1980, the Amarillo, TX auto repair shop has helped thousands to keep their cars and trucks running smoothly, amidst summer heat waves.

Since 1980, the Amarillo, TX auto repair shop has helped thousands to keep their cars and trucks running smoothly, amidst summer heat waves.

Amid an early summer heatwave in Amarillo, Aardvark Automotive reminds car and truck owners of the importance of maintaining their vehicle’s cooling system. In addition, the family-owned and operated auto repair shop suggests that those suffering from grass allergies, which peak during the summer, consider adding an Evaporative Housing Anti-Bacterial Clean Out Service to their vehicle maintenance

“It is scorching in Amarillo, and summer is just beginning. This significantly increases the risk of breaking down due to a problem with your car’s cooling system. Excessive heat increases your risk of an overheated engine, which can leave you stranded in dangerous temperatures,” says Brandon Anderson, Owner of Aardvark Automotive, which has served Amarillo and surrounding communities since 1980. “If you haven’t had your cooling system serviced with a tune-up, now is the time.”

According to Anderson, the main reasons that cars overheat are:

Blocked hoses

Damaged or dysfunctional water pump

Dysfunctional radiator fan

Improper coolant-to-water ratio

Leaky, damaged, clogged radiator

Undetected leaks from the radiator, water pump, hoses, head gaskets, and thermostat housings

Using the wrong type of coolant in the car

Likewise, a poorly functioning air conditioning system can make driving in Amarillo during the summer incredibly unpleasant. “There are two cooling systems in the car. The engine cooling system keeps the engine cool enough to function properly. The air conditioning system keeps drivers and passengers cool. However, a problem with the engine cooling system can easily translate to problems with the air conditioning system,” Anderson says.

Most often this happens, he says, because of issues with the engine coolant, such as being low on engine coolant, or using the wrong type of coolant.

Fortunately, routine maintenance such as regular tune-ups and oil and lube services can prevent most problems with the engine cooling system, and the vehicle’s air conditioning system. “I can’t emphasize just how important it is to take good care of your car or truck during the heat of the summer,” he added.

Anderson has also begun offering a new service this year designed to help residents and members of the community to breathe easier in their cars, while the heat rages on.

“We are now offering a service that can remove bacteria, mold, mildew, pollen, and odors from your vehicle’s air conditioning system. This service is especially helpful for those with respiratory conditions or allergies that may be worse in the summer,” he explains. The Evaporative Housing Anti-Bacterial Service can be scheduled as a stand-alone service, or be performed during a tune-up, or air conditioning service.

“Whether you love the summer, or the heat can’t subside soon enough, you can protect yourself and loved ones from the risks of extreme weather with regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance. Our team at Aardvark Automotive is here to help.”

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Aardvark Automotive is celebrating 43 years of business in Amarillo. The long-standing, family-owned and operated auto repair shop is located at 5825 Canyon Dr. in Amarillo. Aardvark Automotive is a certified Bosch Service Center, maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is a member of the Automotive Service Association.

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