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( — June 30, 2023) —

Pet lovers look at good pet products like leashes and collars, pet beds and toys, a reputed pet supplier happy to announce the launch of new line of pet supplies like leashes & collars, pet beds, toys and more. Experienced staff from the store knows everything about pet requirements and strive hard to keep your pets happy and healthy. Pet owners can look for variety of pet supplies including food, toys, beds and accessories all at one place. 

Pet supplies and accessories are essential for any sort of pet as they impact overall wellbeing and growth of the pet. The reputed store understands the importance of quality pet accessories and offers best quality supplies that can keep pets healthy, happy and fun loving. One such accessory that impacts pets’ safety is leashes & collars. These accessory offer utmost control on your pet while you are on go. Most of the US jurisdictions have leash laws in place to ensure public safety and canine related conflicts. By providing quality accessories from the store, you can obey laws and at the same time offer safety and security to your pet. The latest leashes & collars unveiled by the store are durable handmade designer collar that is practical and stylish for any dog on the go. This color is ideal for medium sized dog breads with 100% cotton fabric. Customers can choose wide variety of latest and trendy handmade collars with adjustable aluminum hardware. You can make it personalized to your dog with custom engraved collar buckle.  

Another importance accessory that makes big impact on your lovely companion’s health and overall development is pet bed. At playful pets’ supply store, customer can look for variety of pet beds ideal for various types of pets and sizes. The latest additions include amazing collection of pet beds like Zebra sofa bed with storage, modern comfy bed with cushions, extra large green and ivory bed with mat, large bed mat with poly fill cushion in beige, double extra-large pet bed with full cushion in variety of colors, small bolstered pet bed for young pups, medium bolstered pet bed with memory foam and many more verities. All these bed types are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. These trendy and stylish beds promote perfect joint alignment and controls body temperature according to the outer climatic conditions. 

The, updated their pet toys sections with some of the latest and unique pet collections. Latest inclusions are moose dog toy. This adorable toy will be the perfect companion to your dog. DJ style headphone dog toy will make your dog excited as it makes sound. Another interesting addition is microphone cat toy which is going to be the ultimate toy for a playful cat. Som of the other additions in toys section are crochet lion toy, Frankenstein dog toy, rabbit & moose set of dog toy and more. These trendy and functional pet toys will keep your pet engaged for longer periods. 

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The reputed pet supplier is known for high quality pet products and supplies loves the pet as much as a pet owner. The helpful staff knowns about pet requirements and strive hard to deliver perfect pet supplies. The knowledgeable staff can help you in addressing pet needs that can make your pet healthy, happy and comfortable. The store serves as one stop solution for range of pet supplies and accessories at competitive prices.