Curated NFT Marketplace RealNifty Announces Physical Art Collection Delivery

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RealNifty, an NFT marketplace, announces its real-world delivery option for physical artworks.

As the premier NFT platform dedicated to bridging the gap between the digital and the physical, RealNifty offers physical fine art and collectibles via NFT. Through its “phygital” platform, collectors can now receive one-of-a-kind, material artwork by redeeming their NFTs.

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In line with the company’s mission, the platform seeks to reduce friction when combining NFTs with physical items – and with RealNifty, setting up a real-world delivery through the marketplace is as straightforward as clicking a few buttons.

According to The Art Market 2022 report, about 88% of high-net-worth collectors are interested in buying NFT-based artworks in the future. By including physical works in the NFT space, RealNifty invests in the talented creators on the platform, trusting the longevity of their work.

RealNifty operates as both a marketplace and an agency. The marketplace is a curated space to trade, buy and sell NFTs while the agency helps clients build and sell their NFT collections.

Artists featured on the platform meet specific criteria. This ensures that every collection adheres to a high standard of quality and originality. Creators can also protect the works they sell by digitally binding them with legal IP rights terms.

Some of the artists included on RealNifty are:

Ola Cichy

Ola is a Canadian artist whose practice includes canvas painting, drawing, and augmented reality art. Her art practice is deeply influenced by studies of psychology and years of experience in diverse spiritual practices.


Leila is a classically trained New York artist. Her work, with a growing following among collectors and curators, reveals a unique artistic point of view and conveys an emotional component that is irresistible.

Emily Miller

Emily’s paintings have been included in prestigious galleries and received at Art Basel Miami. Her determination to succeed through her art and make a difference while she does it is larger than life. Her destination collection is beautifully crafted with exquisite coloring. They are completed with oils and acrylics on stretched canvas.

Paul Smidt

A Dutch artist whose practice includes canvas painting art on fashion and digital art.

Gianluca Franzese

Combining the craftsmanship of metal leafing into his artwork, Italian-born Franzese has been around precious metals his entire life. His works create balance and harmony by using geometry

Leslie Spurlock

Photojournalist and photographer, Leslie’s RealNifty collection is titled Rostros y Familias de Día de Muertos and focuses around her experiences at the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.”

Buyers, sellers, collectors, and artists can communicate directly through the messaging system on the platform. This gives the marketplace a sense of community, building trust and encouraging learning between the people in it.

The full-service agency assists with strategy, implementing the technology, and marketing NFT collections for the artists.

With this platform, RealNifty helps showcase the work of accomplished artists while improving the link between the digital and the physical in the NFT world.

“Understanding that the fine art industry and other creatives are still getting to grips with web3,” CEO Jamie Parmenter said. “Striving to be a platform that is simple to use, both as collectors or creators. Welcoming newcomers and revel in the chance to show and teach them how NFTs can open new audiences to the art world.”

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