Beasts Coin and The Power of Passive Income: Earn $1000 a Day With Crypto’s New Meme Coin

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( — July 1, 2023) — 

Receive Free Money with BEASTS Coin! 

BEASTS Coin (BEASTS) is a remarkable presale token that’s caught a great deal of attention with its strong community and interesting storytelling. A major standout feature of BEASTS is its unique visual representation of investments. Instead of relying on traditional charts and numbers, this meme coin measures its investments through the metaphorical growth of its mascots, or BEASTS Coin. These creatures evolve from infancy to become formidable monsters, providing investors with a fun way to track their financial progress and stay motivated during the presale phase. Some of their most popular beasts include Blue Rage, the warrior baboon, Whiplash, the masochistic bee, and Blaze, the tech-savvy cheetah! 

BEASTS Coin has quickly expanded its reach with an exceptional referral system. Upon signing up, users are provided with a sharable code, entering the world of passive income. Whenever someone signs up using your referral code, you receive 20% of their purchase value in either USDT, ETH, or BNB. Moreover, the person you referred also receives an additional 20% of BEASTS, creating a win-win situation for both parties. The possibilities are limitless as you can share your referral code with as many people as you want, maximizing your earning potential.

BEASTS Coin demographic ranges further than the typical meme coin. Its user-centric DAO values appeal to many investors, especially those who are drawn to decentralization. In addition, the referral program serves as a strong incentive by enabling users to receive all the DAO and memetic benefits while generating passive income at the same time. By spreading your unique referral code, you can receive over $1000 a day, while participating in BEASTS’ thriving community!

A New Insight Into BEASTS Coin: Transparency and Direction

BEASTS Coin also stands apart from its competitors through its transparent policies. The project upholds an open liquidity policy, allocating 75% of its tokens for the presale and dedicating the remainder to marketing efforts. This commitment to transparency lends the project credibility in the meme coin niche and underscores its clear direction. This provides investors with confidence and a secure understanding of the project’s mission. 


In summary, BEASTS Coin has attracted significant attention in the meme coin sphere. Its unique visual representation of investments, measured through the growth of mascots, adds an engaging element to tracking financial progress. The referral system allows users to unlock earning potential, while the project’s user-centric mission attracts a diverse range of investors who appreciate decentralization. With transparent policies and a clear direction, BEASTS Coin sets itself apart from competitors, offering a reliable and exciting opportunity!

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