Choosing A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent: Interview Questions Checklist Released

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National Buyers Agents Association has released a guide intended to help prospective home buyers choose the right real estate professional who will guide them through the process of purchasing a home.

The recently published guide comes alongside a checklist containing 10 of the most important questions individuals looking to buy a real estate property should ask an agent before hiring them.

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With buying a home being the major decision many individuals will make in their lifetime, it is vital for families to ensure they are entrusting their transaction to an experienced professional who fully understands the market and the process and has the expertise to guide them in the right direction to find their dream house. With these insights in mind, National Buyers Agents Association has compiled a list of the crucial questions every property buyer should ask an agent to enjoy a smooth transaction, in its latest guide.

Purchasing a home can be challenging, especially for first-time buyers. According to 2022 figures from Opendoor, as much as 43% of surveyed buyers pointed to finding the right property as the most difficult part of the process. And while almost 70% of home buyers said they did manage to find a home that complies with their preferences, they still found the actual home-buying process complex and intimidating.

To help home buyers ensure that the time and energy invested in their house-hunting process paid off, National Buyers Agents Association advises individuals to always have its checklist at hand when communicating with their potential agent. The questions contained will help them shortlist 2-3 buyer’s agents to eventually pick their best fit.

The association particularly recommends home buyers ask agents about their experience in the market, particularly with buyers, and whether real estate is their full-time occupation. Home buyers also need to make sure that they will be regularly scheduled viewings for properties, particularly sale-by-owner ones, that comply with their criteria, and that agents are willing to communicate with them through their preferred channels (email, messaging, or in-person) and at the desired frequency.

Home buyers are also advised to ask for recent reviews about the agent’s work from third parties or testimonials from previous clients.

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