Nigerian Ginger & Groundnuts, Farm-Fresh Produce Shipping Service Announced

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Paveway International Traders, an African export company specializing in agricultural products trade, is expanding its services to culinary businesses across the globe.

Following this announcement, international culinary businesses will have access to a wide variety of farm-fresh, sustainably sourced produce from Nigeria and neighboring African countries.

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With ingredient quality playing a key role in a dish’s taste and quality, Paveway International Traders’ latest service expansion is expected to benefit companies in the Chocolate, Cosmetics, Confectionaries, Pharmaceutical, Livestock feeds, Botanical, Soft drinks etc Industries by supplying the required Agricultural products or Raw materials needed before arriving at their final products. Working directly with the export company ensures that culinary businesses have direct access to these ingredients and full knowledge of their origin.

The products exported by Paveway International Traders are sourced from various group of farmers cooperative, smallholding African farmers and agricultural producers. Unlike large industrial agriculture companies, these farms employ sustainable, energy-efficient practices that allow them to perform better in terms of environmental outcomes. Buying agricultural products from small African farmers also supports the families that run them.

Paveway International Traders ships Cocoa Powder, Cocoa butter, Shea Nuts, Shea butter, Shea cake, Dried Split Ginger Slices, Tiger Nuts, Raw unshelled cashew nuts, Black eye Peas, Turmeric, . Overseas businesses can also order Nigeria-grown Arabic gum, peanuts, sesame seeds, dried Chile peppers, dried hibiscus flowers, and green Arabica & Robusta coffee beans.

The exporter ships agricultural products to any country. Most of their products are shipped in 25kg or 50kg weights and packaged in polypropylene bags, except for raw cashew nuts, which are shipped in 80kg bundles and packaged in jute bags.

Paveway International Traders is open to sourcing additional Nigerian agricultural products upon request, and is also willing to adjust shipping options if required. In some cases, they can travel to the customer’s country to negotiate directly, and they can ship samples of any product for quality testing.

Paveway International Traders has its headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with a Subsidiary office in United Kingdom.

They have and still currently shipping to various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa continents like India, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Dubai, Netherlands, Morocco and South Africa.

“From farm to raw materials”, experience Africa’s bounty with Paveway International Traders, your trusted supplier of premium agricultural products,” a spokesperson says. “Discover freshness, quality, and sustainability in every harvest. Enhance your culinary journey with our exquisite range. Choose Paveway for a farm-fresh difference!”

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