Spiritual Care In Public Education: Chaplain Certification & Training Update

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The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299), the governing body responsible for school chaplains in the United States, has updated their certification procedures and training programs.

In response to the growing need for both spiritual care and additional welfare support in public education, the National School Chaplain Association is making it simpler for already certified teachers and ordained ministers to make the shift to becoming a school chaplain. As the organization explains, in just eight weeks a previously credentialled teacher or minister can now gain the official certification and accreditation they need to take on a full-time position within a public elementary, middle or high school.

More information is available at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/

The National School Chaplain Association believes that school chaplains have an increasingly important role to play in school districts across the country, and has seen that in a time in which mental health issues amongst student bodies are rising, support services seem to be paradoxically falling. As a recent study by the Pew Research Center illuminated, only 55% of schools in the US provide mental health assessment services and only 42% offer any kind of mental health treatment like counseling.

As such, because school chaplains who are certified with the National School Chaplain Association are paid through the organization, they are much needed in schools where there is no public funding or provision for other counseling and mental health services. Therefore, there are an increasing number of job openings in public education for newly trained and certified school chaplains.

More information on the job opportunities that exist for trained school chaplains can be accessed at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/chaplains/

Interested teachers who want to swap from a classroom position to a counseling position and interested ministers who want to swap church pews for the schoolyard are encouraged to sign up for the National School Chaplain’s new eight-week program. During this time, they will gain the skills they need to make schools safer and happier by reducing bullying, mental health issues, and violent behaviors, and increasing connectedness, community, and spiritual faith.

The National School Chaplain Association operates in schools across America.

A spokesperson for the organization said, “When chaplains enter a school, they share peace, strength, love, and hope. They provide students with the spiritual care they need to overcome tragedies and hardships to fulfill their dreams and destiny.”

More details can be found at https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/schools/

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