Self-Serve Pay Per Candidate Job Advertising Platform For SMB Clients Updated

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JobAdX has expanded the capabilities of its programmatic job advertising system for small business clients.

The updated tools available through the JobAdX software ecosystem make broad-reach job advertising campaigns a possibility for small businesses on a limited budget. By combining automation solutions with lightweight software and an expansive network of partners, SMB clients can access the same tools used by large corporations for less.

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The JobAdX platform, which is divided into two smaller toolkits, can now be employed in a variety of ways to target qualified talent online regardless of where those individuals are located.

The first of these toolkits, known as JobAdX Optimize, provides access to advanced analytics and by-the-minute analysis of the effectiveness of a given recruitment campaign. Using these metrics, hiring teams can execute manual adjustments to their campaigns to place ads more often in high-traffic areas where qualified talent is more likely to be, using the CTR and price-per-click of a given ad as a guidepost.

The Exchange version of the platform, on the other hand, grants access to more traditional programmatic ad exchange capabilities, marrying the advanced analytical tools of Optimize with a suite of dynamic automation solutions. Their algorithm will perform targeting adjustments automatically, using the data to home in on talent while optimizing ad spend wherever possible.

Both of these platforms are now designed to better serve SMB clients following this update, with further cost-efficiency measures and an expansion to the JobAdX partner network.

The network of job boards available through this software includes over 100 options, ranging from the most popular general-use boards to some highly specified selections. Using this network, recruiters can place ads in locations that have been verified to host qualified talent, reducing the chances of low-quality applicants.

The interface that controls these factors is designed to maximize ease of use and allows recruiters to view the parameters of all their campaigns from a central hub. Through this interface, hiring teams can also request custom ad placements in locations that are not listed within the JobAdX network if a specialty target is needed.

This software is supported by a small team of developers who specialize in job advertising and recruiting software. Their support team is available to provide a no-cost tour of the software and to discuss implementations.

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