Unbiased Alternative Search Engine With No Tracking For Free Speech Announced

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TUSK, a tech company advocating for free speech online, has unveiled its new search engine, TUSK Search, aiming to provide an alternative to mainstream platforms that promote what they perceive as liberal bias and censorship.

With TUSK Search, users can customize their search results based on their political preferences, choosing from left, center, or right values. The search engine aims to offer transparency by presenting a broader range of perspectives and content compared to what is typically prioritized by tech giants.

More information is available at https://tuskbrowser.com/search/

“Free speech search engines are crucial in countries with strict censorship rules, as they enable users to access information without fear of suppression,” the company’s spokesperson said. “Our goal is for TUSK Search to join the ranks of these platforms by providing an alternative search engine that offers unrestricted flow of information.”

Tusk was developed using Chromium, the opensource codebase used on Google’s Chrome. TUSK, however, has undergone substantial development to differentiate itself, particularly in preventing tracking, profiling, and surveillance by Google or any other entity.

For instance, one feature that sets TUSK Search apart from other search engines is its “bias slider.” This feature lets users know which side a particular search result is leaning towards—left, right, or center.

“The average person believes that all news sources are cut from the same cloth and provide the same unbiased coverage. That is simply not true,” the developers said. “Tusk’s built-in bias slider shows you which side of the political arena a search result is coming from, so you can take stock of that information and form your own opinions.”

The TUSK Browser was developed by Virtual World Computing, LLC, a privately held company founded by Jeff Bermant. Mr. Bermant is an American history major from the University of Southern California and a serial entrepreneur in the technology industry. A passionate advocate of free speech, he founded TUSK to offer an alternative web browser to Americans concerned about the “cancel culture,” which he observed is being encouraged by many tech giants.

TUSK Search is built into the TUSK Browser, which can be downloaded at no cost for devices running Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, but it can also be accessed directly by logging onto https://tusksearch.com/

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00000000-https-tuskbrowser-com.html