Non-Toxic & Washable 3D Sidewalk Liquid Chalk Set For Outdoor Artwork Launched

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Perfect Life Ideas has launched their 3D Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Set to encourage outdoor activity and spur creativity in children.

With the new product, Perfect Life Ideas aims to present children with more incentives for outdoor play. Each set includes four different colors, with a single bottle containing four liquid ounces of paint.

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The launch of the product comes as the school year draws to a close. According to the Society of Behavioral Medicine, it’s important for children to remain active and engaged throughout the year to encourage healthy behavior. This is particularly true during summer vacation, where physical activity in children typically sees a decrease of around 53%, a statistic that often coincides with an increase in screen time.

As Perfect Life Ideas recognizes that art develops fine motor skills, enhances hand-eye coordination, improves decision-making and problem-solving skills, and introduces young children to novel sensory experiences, they have created the 3D Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Set to provide youths with alternative methods of stimulation during the months they aren’t in school. The paint can be used on sidewalks, driveways, walls, and other surfaces, thus encouraging outdoor physical activity and potentially decreasing the time children spend on electronic devices. Although intended for outside use, it’s also suitable for indoor craft projects and decorations.

The paint is quick to dry, making it more resistant to smudging, fading, foot traffic, and weather conditions than sidewalk chalk. The squeeze bottles they come in also allow for easier application and finer control and precision when creating detailed pieces. As this “liquid chalk” dries, it rises and hardens, adding texture and an extra dimension to the artwork.

Despite being more long-lasting than chalk, the paint is also designed to be washable; it can be cleaned off of surfaces with water alone and will not leave any residue behind. The product is made with non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that children will be safe while playing with it.

About Perfect Life Ideas

Perfect Life Ideas is a lifestyle brand that manufactures a wide range of household items, gift ideas, and other merchandise that can be used in daily life. Their 3D Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Set is among the many products they offer children and young teenagers.

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